• Is 80 the new 20? A design and CMS strategy that is helping to rejuvenate an established institution

    Myriad Media has been a partner with Industrial Bank for the last 10 years. This post is about how we helped the bank think strategically about their digital marketing and branding efforts.We have had the privilege of rolling out a new site design with new CMS functionality just in time to celebrate their 80th year in business. This historic D.C. community bank is looking to make waves with new markets who are looking for the traditional community bank experience but also want the benefits and convenience of internet and mobile banking. Our design was not just functional but strategic as it makes good use of the banks size and capabilities.

It is important for us to develop lasting client relationships. We do this by providing reliable, ongoing support for new and existing solutions. However, we do empower our clients to be self-reliant with the ability to maintain the day-to-day operations of their web solutions. How do we do this?

We do this by providing a web-based, decentralized content management solution that enables our clients to conveniently make content changes without compromising the look-and-feel of their online investment. We understand that content management is no longer a unique service offering. However, after 12 years of serving clients, we also know that ease of integration, ease of use, and ease on our client's bottom line are still differentiating factors.

Our content management solution is turnkey, hosted, feature-rich, and cost effective:

Whether working with a new or existing website, our content management solution simplifies your effort and allows us to accommodate the rapid development cycles that many project schedules demand. By leveraging the many functions built into our base installation, we can have our client sites up and running quickly. This saves our client's time and money.

Although our solution is fully customizable, some of the features that are included in our default installation are:

Built-In Applications Editorial Tools Site Administration
Rich Text Editor User Friendly Interface Online Administration
Search Engine WYSIWYG Editor
Workflow Engine
Blogs Drag-N-Drop Content Editing Versioning
Forums Meta data with Spellchecker Interface Localization
Images & Documents Content Sharing and Branching File Manager
Events Calendar Content Tagging Links to External Pages
Lists Manager Geo Mapping  
Newsletters Multi-Lingual Content Integration  
Polls Zip-Archive and Multiple Item Uploads  
Social Networking links Dynamic Links  
Search Engine