• Is 80 the new 20? A design and CMS strategy that is helping to rejuvenate an established institution

    Myriad Media has been a partner with Industrial Bank for the last 10 years. This post is about how we helped the bank think strategically about their digital marketing and branding efforts.We have had the privilege of rolling out a new site design with new CMS functionality just in time to celebrate their 80th year in business. This historic D.C. community bank is looking to make waves with new markets who are looking for the traditional community bank experience but also want the benefits and convenience of internet and mobile banking. Our design was not just functional but strategic as it makes good use of the banks size and capabilities.

For sixteen years, we have been available to provide both ad-hoc and lifecycle support for our clients. We not only support our solutions, but also legacy projects inherited from other providers.

Myriad provides content management solutions that empower our clients with the ability to manage the bulk of the day-to-day content updates of their web site. However, we are available to assist with any ongoing site updates, especially those that would affect the integrity of the design or span beyond the scope of edits handled by the content management system. Graphical edits and the development of custom applications or modules would fall into this category.

No two projects are the same. For all clients, Myriad operates via customized maintenance agreements.

The routine tasks, service responsibilities and monthly hour allocations are defined in the agreement after the initial project launch. Defining the support scope after the project launch is helpful, because it gives our team and the client an opportunity to observe the solutions' real-world performance and any recurring issues or needs that will need to be addressed on a monthly basis.